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Frequently asked questions.


I receive a great many questions. Below I've tried to answer the most common. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact me anytime.


Can I order custom colors?


Generally, yes. Most masks can have their color altered to any other color you see here on the website. But there are some exceptions. I can also do color matching, I just need a piece of the material you are trying to match the mask to.


Do you accept custom commissions?


Depending on the time of year, I am usually able to create a mask off ideas in your head or your original design. A picture or sketch is most helpful. I will not reproduce copyrighted material or a mask of another maker's design though, so please don't ask me.



How well do the masks hold up?


Very well! These masks are not delicate. They are meant to be worn for extended periods. They will not break like ceramic. They will not disintegrate in moisture like papier mache. Light rain and sweat from your face will not damage them. In fact, the more the mask is worn, the more it will train itself to the shape of the wearer's face.


Are the masks one size fits all?


Being leather, the masks are very flexible and will contract and expand to fit most anyone. The straps are 30 inches with an additonal 6-8 inches face width making the ties large enough to fit any head.


How soon can I expect my mask once I order it?

If I have the mask in stock, I can mail it to the next day. I use Priority Mail with the USPS which is a 2-3 day delivery time. If the mask is not in stock it will typically takes one week during non event seasons before I can ship. During Mardi Gras and Halloween seasons, it may take longer. Express shipping on any mask can be made available for an additional cost.


Can you ship internationally?

Yes. I use Global Priority  through the USPS. It in turn uses each country's postal delivery to complete shipping so I cannot quote  specific delivery times, but it does include a tracking number so the package location is never in question.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Wholesale prices are available on most of the regular stock. I require proof of resale and also have a minimum number of masks on order required to meet wholesale pricing.

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