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20 year Anniversary.

It was 20 years ago that I first walked into the Little Shop of Fantasy in New Orleans. There I met renowned artist Mike Stark, though I didn't know he was renowned at the time. I bought a couple of leather masks, and he shared with me the basic principles for making them. After a few months practice I returned to the Little Shop and showed Mike several masks of my own design. He put them up for sale there on the spot, and encouraged me to attend the New Orleans Mask Market for the following Mardi Gras. And so Mask Parade was born.

Over the last 20 years I've sold ten of thousands of masks. Each one hand made. I've sold at Mardi Gras, Renaissance festivals, Fantasy conventions, Art shows, Halloween trade shows and specialty shops. I have masks all across the globe, places I'll personally never see, Australia, Japan, Brazil, and South Africa just to name a few. I've worked with buyers from Cirque Du Soleil, Opera Houses, and various Las Vegas Shows. My masks have been seen on CBS, ABC, Fox and Syfy, TV commercials and several music videos, and are owned by multiple models and celebrities.

But it's really you to whom I owe my thanks. Thanks to all you mask lovers, appreciators and buyers who support me and my art and make it possible for me do what I love to do. From the 100+ styles I regularly produce to custom commissions to unique one of a kind visions for the last 20 years, I thank you all. With that in mind I proudly present our new website. I hope everyone finds it to their liking.


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